Seeing like a bike

WEEK 6: WHAT WE HAVE DONE: Gas sensors calibration Material used: Wine preserver gas + vacuum bag Baseline calibration As we mentioned in our previous blog, our first try to calibrate the gas sensors was using helium balloons and … [Continue reading]

Half way to Justice

  This week we put a lot into JUMA, the Justice Map, for the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. After adding various socioeconomic layers, a search box, and edit features, our contact with the Society was so impressed she wants us to do much more! … [Continue reading]

Food for Thought: A Heap of Data Chores

Last Friday, we met with our partners from the Food Bank and they gave us further insights on the directions they would like us to take for our data collection. In addition, they gave us feedback on the SNAP app that we are building for them. They … [Continue reading]

Modeling Energy Usage at Georgia Tech

We started out with just two pieces of information to model energy usage at Georgia Tech: the date-time and the energy usage at every hour for the past three years. Below is a visualization of the raw data for one of the buildings. As you can see, we … [Continue reading]

Housing Justice: From Maps To Models

This week, we made good progress on both of our projects, the Anti-Displacement Tax (ADT) model and the Harbour Portfolio mapping tool. We read a paper from Dan Immurgluck relating to the ADT that gave us insight into what Dr. Immurgluck has done so … [Continue reading]