Food for Thought

In collaboration with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, our team is dedicated to breaking the glass ceiling on SNAP coverage, conversation and education across the nation. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps, … [Continue reading]

Cycle Atlanta: Seeing Like a Bike

Goal accomplished. The goals of this week (May 29 - Jun 2) were to understand the project, get familiar with the bike-based sensor platform which was developed by previous students working on this project, and decide how to move forward with this … [Continue reading]

It’s All About the Data

The Housing Justice team partners with Atlanta Legal Aid (ALA) to address the alleged predatory lending practices of Harbour Portfolio Advisors and gentrification on the historic Westside of Atlanta. We have conducted extensive background research on … [Continue reading]

The Last Stop

After receiving feedback on our poster and presentation at the midterm, we now have a clearer view of what would serve ARC (the Atlanta Regional Commission) best as the final product we create for them. We also got a better sense of how we can host … [Continue reading]

Down to the Wire

Time is of the essence for the NAP team. We presented the latest iteration of the web platform to the people at New American Pathways and they really liked the tool. The web development aspect of the project is wrapping up but for the next two weeks … [Continue reading]

More Data Before the Last Push

We managed to schedule a meeting with Mr. Aaron Kimble, who is a Senior Management Analyst at the Code Enforcement division of the Atlanta Police Department. We met with Mr. Kimble at his office in downtown Atlanta, located at 818 Pollard Boulevard … [Continue reading]

Thinking About Analysis

Hello! It's the Westside Communities Alliance Data Dashboard team again. Since we last talked, we have added in a few new visualizations for the aggregate page and made some tweaks based on our partner's and mentor's feedback; continued … [Continue reading]

Public Transit and Accessibility

Last Thursday was the midterm presentation day for the DSSG projects. During this past week we were mostly putting together our presentation for the midterm meeting. The midterm gave us the chance to present our work-in-progress materials and get … [Continue reading]